Other professional work

I have been involved in a number of projects, mainly as a consultant. Examples of these projects are:

Advisor to different governmental agencies in countries such as:

Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru and Bolivia. Main topics: Private Pension Funds and Capital Markets (market structure and investment allocation).

-Consultant to the Central Bank of Chile. Project: “The success of the store credit in Chile: Regulation or Efficiency?” (With Juan Pablo Montero).

Economic Analysis of Markets, Practices and Industry Structure

Different studies related to competition, strategy and antitrust in markets such as healthcare services, telecommunications, electricity, dairy products, pharmacies, pension funds and retail, among others. Several of these studies have been presented to the antitrust authorities whereas others have served to assess the regulatory and competitive position of companies:

Economic expert witness in various cases in industries such as Mining, Retail and Energy.

At the beginning of my career I was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for International Financial Analysis & Research. Princeton. USA.