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Jurisprudencia sobre precios predatorios en Chile ¿Han sido uniformes los criterios aplicados? (with José Hevia)

Abstract Antitrust legislation sanctions predatory pricing. Since the economic literature has presented different alternatives to evaluate predatory pricing, and since this literature has evolved through time, it seems important to revise the main criteria followed by the Chilean Antitrust Agencies … Continue reading

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Regulación: Objetivos, Problemas y Opciones que se abren en el Mercado de la Telefonía Fija Local (with Fernando Coloma)

Abstract The main objective of this article is to analyze the economic fundamentals of an asymmetric regulation, as the one in place in local telephony in Chile, and to discuss the main effects on market competition of different regulatory changes … Continue reading

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Explicando la Rentabilidad de la Empresa y su Sustentación (with Francisco Brahm and Felipe Daiber).

  Abstract This article reviews the literature on the sources of business performance, persistence and sustainability through time, emphasizing the analysis of empirical studies. We also analyze recent literature that focuses on the importance of geographic location for business performance. … Continue reading

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Revisando la Teoría de la Firma

Abstract This article reviews the main theories of the firm from the strategic management perspective. A theory of the firm intents to explain the nature and scope of a the firm to help in the decision process about such important … Continue reading

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La ventaja competitiva de la empresa revisada

Abstract Despite its importance in the study of business strategy, the concept of competitive advantage looks ambiguous. It is not completely clear what does it mean and how to measure it. In this article, we review some of the most … Continue reading

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Internal Capital Markets and Multimarket Contact as Explanations for Conglomerates in Emerging Markets

Abstract The purpose of this exploratory paper is to review the main reasons found in the literature for diversification emphasizing those that may be especially relevant for emerging markets. The final objective of the paper is to help understand the … Continue reading

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Reasons for Conglomeration: Empirical Analysis of Management Responses in Chile (with José Rivera)

Abstract The objective of this paper is to contribute to the understanding of the motivations behind the diversification decisions of the Chilean “economic groups”. With this objective we surveyed the main Chilean “economic groups” about the importance of different variables … Continue reading

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