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Stakeholder value appropriation: the case of labor in the worldwide mining industry” (with Cristian Ramirez). Strategic Management Journal. Forthcoming.

We evaluate how the value appropriated by employees varies in response to an exogenous shock to the price of the firm’s product and how this variation depends on institutional and ownership structures. Institutional and ownership structures that favor employees can … Continue reading

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“Managing complexity in a Multi-Business Model Organization” (with Yuliya Snihur). Long Range Planning. Forthcoming. 2018.

Many organizations operate multiple business models (BMs) concurrently. Yet, we know little about the challenges of managing a BM portfolio in one organization. In this study, we examine complexity as an important issue facing multi-BM firms. We differentiate complexity within … Continue reading

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The costs of a product variety strategy: The impact of frictions in routine execution and learning. Strategic Management Journal

Abstract Based on a detailed database of a beverages producer-distributor that expanded its product variety by leveraging its logistic network, we show that product diversification generates economies of scope and also higher operational costs. The result is an inverted U … Continue reading

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Relational Contracts and Collaboration in the Supply Chain: Impact of Expected Future Business Volume on the Make-or-Buy Decision. Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol. 52 No. 3. 2016.

Abstract Relational contracts are key to supply chain collaboration. The literature has focused on the role of trust stemming from prior business with current suppliers. However, the role of expected future business volume on the make-or-buy decision has been relatively … Continue reading

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“Toward an integrated theory of the firm: The interplay between internal organization and vertical integration (with Francisco Brahm)”. Strategic Management Journal. Forthcoming.

Research summary. Two central issues in strategic management are the determination of a firm’s internal delegation and its vertical boundaries. Despite the importance of these issues, there is scant analysis concerning their interaction. Using a comprehensive database of the construction … Continue reading

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“Does Complexity and Prior Interactions Affect Project Procurement? Evidence from Mining Mega-Projects” (with Francisco Brahm). International Journal of Project Management.

Abstract We investigated mining mega-projects to analyze the effect of project complexity on: (1) the “make vs. ally” choice for the implementation stage of the project and the “fixed-price vs. cost-plus” contractual choice when an “ally” was chosen; and (2) … Continue reading

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“A Corporate-Level View of Business Model Innovation” (with Ramón Casadesus-Masanell and Joan E. Ricart) In Business Model Innovation: The Organizational Dimension, by Nicolai Foss and Tina Saebi. Oxford University Press. 2015.

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“Subcontracting in project-based firms: Do you follow the same pattern across your different projects?” (with Francisco Brahm) International Journal of Project Management. Forthcoming.

Abstract This article analyzes an important dimension in which the organization of the projects performed by the same firm can differ: the insourcing or outsourcing of an activity that needs to be undertaken in each of the different projects. Analyzing … Continue reading

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Transactional Hazards, Institutional Change, and Capabilities: Integrating the Theories of the Firm” (with Francisco Brahm). Strategic Management Journal. Forthcoming

Abstract Using a detailed dataset from the Chilean construction industry, we explore how the predictions of the transaction cost and capabilities theories interact to explain building contractors’ decisions to ‘make or buy’ the specialty trade activities needed to complete a … Continue reading

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The impact of complexity and managerial diseconomies on hierarchical governance. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Forthcoming.

Abstract Based on data from Chilean construction projects, we evaluate how the boundary choice of a focal activity is affected by the number of activities integrated elsewhere in a project and by the level of “between complexity” and “within complexity” … Continue reading

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