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I’m a full professor at the School of Management, Catholic University of Chile, and previously a Visiting Scholar at the David Rockefeller Center at Harvard University (2009-2011) and a Visiting Full Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University (2019). I also taught the graduate-credit courses Strategic Management and Corporate Strategy in the summer program at Harvard University (Summers 2010-2014).  I received my Ph.D. in Managerial Economics and Strategy from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, my Master’s degree from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, and my Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Catholic University of Chile.

My main research stream analyses the determinants of the firm’s boundaries (both vertical and horizontal) and the interrelationships between these boundaries and the internal organisation of the firm. My second research line studies business model innovation from a corporate strategy perspective. Examples of types of questions conducted in my research are: How does the vertical integration decision interplay with the horizontal integration decision? What is the relationship between the internal organisation of the firm (e.g. centralisation vs decentralisation) and the extent to which the firm outsources or integrates its activities? When should a company operate more than one business model simultaneously? How can a company reconfigure its corporate business model in order to obtain advantages at the business model level? How does the corporate strategy affect the competitive advantage at the business unit level? I have also written papers about the main determinants of firm’s performance and the sustainability of profits and recently, I have been working on the intersection of corporate social responsibility and firms´ organizational decisions.

My academic work combines the writing of papers with a number of cases and two books (one in its third edition and the other in its fifth).

Please, contact me at tarzijanjorge@gmail.com if you have any question about my academic work.